Seabrook Island Realtor Michelle Almeyda-Wiedemuth Builds Her Custom Home on Seabrook Island

Seabrook Island Realtor Michelle Almeyda-Wiedemuth Builds Her Custom Home on Seabrook Island

  • Michelle Almeyda Wiedemuth
  • 05/19/22
Our project sailed through the process quite smoothly and after receiving our permits we were able to start building. This has been the direct result of working with experienced professionals.
If you are considering building your dream home on Seabrook Island, Kiawah Island or Johns Island, South Carolina I would love to educate you on the process and help you make this dream a reality. Below I have outlined a few tips to get you started but first let's briefly discuss why new construction is a good idea.

New Construction Tips for Building on Seabrook Island

Hire a Seabrook Island Realtor

Hire a Seabrook Island realtor who can help you select the right lot, recommend builders and architects with experience on Seabrook Island and in coastal communities. Building on the coast presents different issues and challenges that require a unique skill set and knowledge base. Find Michelle Wiedemuth New Construction page.

Hire a Seasoned Builder Who Will Turn Your Seabrook Island Real Estate Dream into a Reality

I personally like selecting a builder before an architect for this reason, most builders have experience in working with many architects. Their experience can provide you with valuable insight into what the design and building process will be like after you purchased your home in Seabrook Island Real Estate For Sale. An experienced builder can direct you towards an Architects who specializes in your design aesthetic. And an experienced builder can work with the architect to achieve your goals while working within your budget.
I suggest you meet with several builders before you hire. Remember, this will be a long-term relationship. While it goes without saying that you want to work with a reputable and skilled builder, having a good rapport will also go a long way towards a smooth and enjoyable experience. Personality and communication style matter. There are many experienced and reputable builders in Charleston county, Johns Island and Seabrook Island, but there is only one builder that is right for you. See Buyers page for more details.

Be Sure to Ask Questions Like:

  • How many Seabrook Island and/or Kiawah Island projects are you currently working on? (The busier they are the further down the list your Seabrook Island project may be)
  • ​Will you oversee the daily work at my home? Or will I be assigned a project manager?
  • ​Will you or a manager be onsite overseeing subcontractors everyday? Beware of the absentee builder. Subcontractors that are consistently unsupervised can cost you time and money.

Hire a Local Architect with Seabrook Island Experience

As a local he/she will be familiar with Seabrook Island building requirements and regulations, they will help you navigate the local architectural review boards and represent you at meetings that you, when possible, should plan to attend. Your Architect will help you select an engineer and landscape architect. Your architect will be another long term and intimate relationship, so I recommend the same process as when you selected your builder. Ask lots of questions and if possible, meet face to face.
As someone with experience in Seabrook Island Real Estate For Sale and who is currently building on Seabrook Island, I can make some great recommendations and tell you about my first hand experience.

Top 3 Things to Consider When Building a New Home on Seabrook Island, SC

  • Building the home of your dreams can also double as an investment into your future.
  • ​A custom home is one-of-a-kind, it is a special blend of your individual wants and needs. It is an expression of you & your lifestyle with maximum functionality.
  • ​Renovations can sometimes cost more money and require more time.

Additional things to consider

  • One of a Kind: If you're property is the only one of its kind on the market, you are at an advantage and would do well to consider exploring a higher listing price
  • Appraisal: And don't let the fear of appraising be your deciding factor. Most of our buyers are coming with cash, no appraisal necessary

Additional questions to ask before selling your Seabrook Island home:

  • Affinity: Does the listing agent have an affinity for Seabrook Island?
  • Appreciation: Does he/she appreciate your home?
  • Value: Does he/she appreciate the value of owning and living in a private gated community?
  • ​Real Estate Agent: Is the agent taking market value and conditions into consideration when suggesting a list price? or are they suggesting a price that is lower than market value? and leaving your money on the table.

Work With Michelle

Michelle knows the complexities of relocating and understands the importance of finding the right location for her clients. Whether you are considering Seabrook or the Charleston area, she is uniquely positioned to help you find your dream home or property.

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