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Michelle Almeyda Wiedemuth

Michelle Almeyda Wiedemuth

Real Estate Agent | Relocation Specialist

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Since I focus exclusively on coastal real estate in Charleston—Seabrook Island, Kiawah, Johns Island, and the Lowcountry beaches— many people assume I have lived in the area my whole life. Truth is, I was born and raised up north, in New York. And I wasn’t always a real estate agent either. I have 20+ years’ experience in public relations, marketing, and business ownership. In fact, I was the owner of a luxury business in The Hamptons, as well as Westchester county. It was during these years that I developed critical skills needed to give clients impeccable service.

Traveling Abroad & Settling In Charleston

After two decades of running my business—and raising two boys with my husband, Anthony (a custom home builder)—we decided to travel and live abroad for four years. It was a wonderful opportunity for us, especially the boys, to see more of the world and expose them to new possibilities in the future. Eventually we decided to come back to the States so the boys could finish school and we could settle in a place we all loved. We chose Charleston SC, in particular, Seabrook Island. Working in the Hamptons for so many years made us realize how much we loved coastal communities. And what better place than Charleston, which has so much history and charm, and none of the harsh winters like we had in the Hamptons. It was perfect.

Seabrook Island Felt Like Home

I remember being immediately drawn to Charleston, as was Anthony. Once we decided to settle in the Lowcountry, we took 18 months to research and explore the best place to live in the area. We chose Seabrook Island. Having lived in beach communities, we were drawn to everything Seabrook offered: the lush beauty, the picturesque landscape, the pristine beach, the world-class golf and amenities, and the fact it was all so close to downtown Charleston. It was like the Hamptons, but better, because Seabrook is a true year-round community with a mild climate. The fact that I live in Seabrook and spent so much time searching for “the perfect spot” to build our beach home, I am able to help my clients at every stage of the process. I actually lived it! I know the drill. I know the hoops to jump through and the requirements involved. Because of my personal experience, I am able to make the journey efficient and painless for others.

Enjoying The Lowcountry—And Helping Others Do The Same

We absolutely love where we live. All of us. And we take the time to enjoy this one-of-a-kind beach community, no matter how busy we are. Almost every day we get out on the beach: sometimes watching our boys swim and surf, other times walking or looking for dolphins, or simply reading a good book under the blue South Carolina sky. We also take advantage of the dining, shopping, and nightlife downtown—I am a self-described “foodie” and Charleston is the ultimate foodie town. At the end of the day, I want to help my clients find the same joy and satisfaction in their beach home. Whether they are building or renovating, Anthony and I both can help make the process seamless and professional. I pride myself on being reliable, trustworthy, and industrious. In fact, no one will work harder for you than I will. It’s how I’m wired. My goal is always to build and nurture long-term relationships and create positive experiences for my clients.



Relocating to Seabrook Island South Carolina from NYC

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Michelle knows the complexities of relocating and understands the importance of finding the right location for her clients. Whether you are considering Seabrook or the Charleston area, she is uniquely positioned to help you find your dream home or property.

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